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The initial elements of governance for the ATRF were detailed in the Deed of Agreement between DEST, AIMS and the ANU dated 4 July 2002 (this expired in 2006).  The Board (which was prescribed in the Deed) was dissolved in mid 2007 and the Governance Group formed.

The ATRF Governance Group

The Group is comprised of:

  • One representative from AIMS nominated by the CEO of AIMS
  • One representative from ANU nominated by the Vice Chancellor of ANU
  • One representative from CDU nominated by the Vice Chancellor of CDU
  • One representative nominated by the Northern Territory Government
  • The ATRF Operations Manager – ex officio member.

Governance Group Members as at 2011: 

  • Mr Frank Tirendi, AIMS
  • Professor Lawrence Cram, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), ANU
  • Professor Sharon Bell, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research), CDU
  • Prof Karen Edyvane, Principal Scientist, Marine Biodiversity, NRETAS

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Mr Joe Bouchahine, General Manager, Campus Services ANU
  • Mr John Nai-Smith, Operations Manager, NARU, ANU

The Chair alternates annually between ANU and AIMS with the ANU representative being the initial Chair in 2007/2008.

The Group meets twice annually and functions in an advisory capacity to the “owners” of the facility for the efficient and robust governance of the ATRF.